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YouTube is still thinking about the rental service which has been in beta testing for some while. It is currently working with a small selection of videos but according to Hunter Walk the website will offer the option to charge rental fees for uploaded content. This is interesting as YouTube goes to the pay per […]

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NAB Show comes this year with a lot of news and the last one is about FLO TV. This is a service streaming TV programs to mobile devices. They announced at the event that it’s mobile TV service will be improved by adding new capabilities. This way video footage can be integrated with Web content […]

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Redbox comes with the latest news: they are running a survey where they ask their customers if a movie streaming service similar to Netflix shall be implemented or not. As you may already know Redbox specializes in renting DVD’s via interactive kiosks and now they are running some tests to offer video games rentals. They […]

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Cloud Engines (the company behind Pogoplug) announced today two new features available with the device. Pogoplug allows you to access and share content from a local hard drive using a simple Internet connection, no matter where you are in the world. This is how it works: With version 2 users will be able to stream […]

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Here is some good news for the consumers: MPEG LA stated that H.264 licenses for video streaming will remain free at least for the next 5 years. Seems like this is the answer to what YouTube and Vimeo made (implementing the HTML5 video player about a month ago, which seems to win against H.264). MPEG […]

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Even though the Super Bowl was not streamed live on the Internet, CBS Sports offered a few online videos consisting in live interviews, news and different pre-game analysis . Last year 12% of the Super Bowl viewers have been browsing the net and the average time browsing was 24 minutes (according to Nielsen). Here is […]

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Nowadays online video rental services are even more popular since YouTube has announced it’s new strategy. The major movie studios are getting involved by offering video content on web platforms such as YouTube. Lionsgate, Time Warner and Sony are just a few of the major production companies who have made these announcements. This particular philosophy […]

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HTML5 is expected to be the next technology to compete with Adobe Flash Player and Microsoft Silverlight. HTML5 is a Web standard compatible with the most recent browsers, used to play video content without any proprietary plug-in components. Now HTML5 is still in testing and big players like YouTube and Vimeo are offering the option […]


Soon you won’t even need a DVD player to play your movies as the guys from Nintendo are negociating with Netflix for adding a streaming service from the Wii. In 2008 Microsoft were the first company to offer Netflix services on a console then Sony (on their PS3 platform) in 2009 and now Nintendo follows […]


Adobe Flash is a multimedia platform and it is considered an international standard in the streaming industry. Flash is an important contender in this industry, in a close competition with Silverlight. This is the format we recommend most strongly. There are 2 Flash formats being used primordialy: – The first one is .swf – used […]

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