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May 26th, 2010 - Posted by Catalin in Eyepartner News

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Monster Encoder is a complete application that converts the most common types of video files into FLV format, so the end user can use them in the video streaming process. This particular flash video encoder has some features that make it distinctive:

• This video encoder is the fastest from all similar software existing on the market. We have developed a multithreading technique that allows our clients to convert files dozens of times faster then before.

• It converts all major types of movie files (AVI, MOV, MPG 1, MPG 2, MPG 4, WMV) into flash format. This is the necessary step in order to stream the files.

• Monster Encoder is able to convert AVI, MOV, MPG 1, MPG 2, MPG 4, WMV and FLV files into any format you want, including iPOD and iPhone files.

• You can upload as many video files as you want, because we do not restrict the number of files.

• Also, Monster Encoder does not have any size limitations for the movies you want to convert.

• You can use Monster Encoder to post a logo on your video offering you a subtle way to emphasize your brand and to elegantly mark your presentation.

• You can upload files with an unlimited variety of screen resolutions and aspect ratios.

• You have the possibility to customize your player so that it would fit your presentation the best.

Monster Encoder guarantees that your high quality videos can be viewed by all your friends, whether they are using Microsoft Windows, Apple OSX or Linux operating systems.

You can convert video files to the advanced Flash Video format. The procedure is very simple: you just have to upload your files on the server and wait until our flash video encoder is doing its job. Read how you can do that HERE.

The friendly interface will make the job easier for you. If you choose to purchase Monster Encoder, you don’t have to worry anymore about the fact that when you send video files, your receiver won’t be able to play them because it doesn’t have the appropriate codec. With Monster Encoder, codecs aren’t necessary anymore. You can see below a few HD samples encoded with the Monster Encoder application:

HD Sample 1

HD Sample 2

HD Sample 3


Monster Encoder is one of the fastest applications of its kind. We developed a multithreading technique in order to dramatically decrease the conversion time. After you start uploading your file, you’re job is finished. All you have to do is waiting until the flash video encoder will do its job and when it finishes you will receive an email to notify you that your file has been converted. All the converted files can be played right away on PCs, MACs and cell phones. You can have a look at this TUTORIAL to understand how it works.

To learn more about Monster Encoder or to demo any other streaming solution we offer, please contact us.

The Eyepartner Team

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