TikiLIVE Channel Manager Digital Signage Solution

May 21st, 2010 - Posted by Catalin in Eyepartner News

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A digital signage solution needs a few hardware components to be able to deliver the content. The most common configuration includes a display screen , a media player and a content management server. The connection from the media player to the display screen is usually via VGA, DVI, HDMI or Component video connection and the one between the media player and the content server is via a Ethernet connection. IPTV technology allows digital signage to be used as a broadcasting method. In this case the content is being distributed using a playlist controlled by the digital signage content management server.

TikiLIVE Channel Manager Digital Signage solution can be used virtually everywhere. Retailers may now coordinate the daily or weekly specials with the on-screen messaging in the store or kiosk.

Use your network of in-store TVs to promote “what’s new” and coming up. Build a satellite network of digital TVs to entertain and advertise movie trailers or feature films. Fast food operators can now easily program digital menu boards to motivate sales and educate the viewers on nutritional information.

Use plasma screens to display at the checkout counter to inform customers on sales and entertain customers while waiting in line. Every location such as your local bank or your doctor’s waiting room instantly becomes readily available high traffic locations ready to host a digital display network. They inform, educate, entertain and promote products and services relevant to any venue.


• Both Standard Definition (SD) and High Definition (HD) Ready
• Easy to use drag and drop user interface
• On the fly live data integration
• Multi-user security access
• Broad content support
• No proprietary hardware required
• Touch screen support
• Live TV Capable – live demo available!
• Ad tracking and billing
• Transparent support
• Automatic Nightly Polling that can be downloaded by network
• Wi-Fi G3/G4 Mobile compatible
• Complete Analytics

The Eyepartner development team is able to build or expand your solution into many directions whenever you’re ready. For more information you may check www.tikilive.org or just CONTACT US.

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