Flash vs Silverlight

This is our sample of the HD Adobe Flash Player design we have completed in the Eyepartner Lab. You may recognize this player as the one we use on the TikiLIVE.com show pages.

Flash Player

Take a look at our Silver Light Player and see if you can tell the difference. We monetize both of our Flash Players and Silver Light Players using the same advertising and analytics solution.

Silverlight Player

Thank you for viewing this demonstration.

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  1. Eric says:

    Silver light .. poor last minute attempt at flash

    – do not have options in fullscreen mode
    – cannot select timeline to go back to a certain moment

  2. irsan says:

    silverlight can do both .. fullscreen and timeline selection.
    PLUS ..

    i don’t experience any lag / buffering. i think silverlight have dynamic bandwitch streaming algorithm

  3. Kousa says:

    Sliverlight use 20%-30% lower CPU consumption than that of Flash. Silverlight is doing better job.