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December 26th, 2009 - Posted by Catalin in General discussion

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Video advertising will get an ascendent course on the online market and an important factor when building an internet marketing plan. The tendances now is to advertise using the pre-roll ads or using messages that appear before the video files is being loaded. Specialists are saying that it happens because pre-roll ads are easier to implement and have a better reach to the targeted audience.

An interesting survey from the Online Publishers Association conducted on more than 1,400 online video viewers tryed to find out more about factors such as awareness and brand consideration. 56 % of survey participants responded that online video advertising shall be related to the video content.

80% of viewers accessed an online video, 52% of them had an immediate reaction like: 31% accessed a website, 22% were curious to dig for additional info, 15% went to a specifi store and 12% have really purchased a product.

Pre-roll advertising consists in short length videos loaded before the video files you are trying to see starts playing. The pre-roll option is the most popular and wide spread online advertising tool.

Recently SAAS (software as a service) services have become one of the most used methods for advertising. You can monetize your streams with pre roll, mid roll or post roll modules.This type of solutions are delivered onto a separate domain (usually works as a third party solution) then each client will access his account with a personal username and password.

Here are some tips for you when getting started:

1. For awareness: pre-roll ads are the solution combined with companion ads

2. To change people’s opinion (likability): Statistics say it’s good to use 30 second ads

3. For persuadation: Use 30-second ads combined with adjacency ads.

See me offline if you need more tips and information about how you can take advantage of the video ads. I’ll be glad to guide you through the features.

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