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January 12th, 2010 - Posted by Admin in General discussion

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Avatar is now climbing to the top sales setting a new record after four weekends (total earnings so far are up to 48.5 million dollars, compared to Cameron’s previous hit, Titanic which was having about half of this).

Even if Avatar is the most pirated movie at the moment earnings of one billion dollars are expected and these are reachable amounts judging by viewer’s interest.

This movie brings every video detail to higher standards making you not even blink while watching the action going on. Success came as being a part of the powerfull advertising the creators started.
So online media was the place to start, places like YouTube, Facebook or Flickr were perfect to place video samples and pictures.

Video encoding is another factor which brings Avatar to the top. HD quality and the option of watching the movie in 3D are absolutely fabulous.

Here are a few video players embeded in different websites to promote this new video revolution called Avatar. Have a look and read below how you can take advantage of this to promote your own videos.

YouTube video player:

Official player on Avatar website

Facebook video player

As you see above video players can be customized making them fusionate with the theme you need to present. Video quality depends on how the movie was encoded, the bitrate used and the number of frames per second. You can find more information about these parameters HERE.

Cameron had the idea of using a special camera technology to capture the character’s face expressions which were then manipulated by the animation team. You can find all the details regarding the software technology used to create the scenes in this interview.

Online video networks and online video streaming are two of the most successfull options they choose to promote the movie and generate revenue. I will explain you here how video streaming can help you grow and advertise a business. Video players can be embeded in different websites offering you the possibility to broadcast live or on demand. Live broadcasting of the Avatar premiere was a real hit. For live broadcasting you need to plugin a video camera to your computer, use a broadcasting solution (includes an embed code of the video player you want to share) and you are ready to speak about your achievements.

A lot of short Avatar recorded videos were also placed on different streaming websites bringing a lot of traffic. Video sharing is free on places like MySpace or Youtube that’s why you can widely spread your video content to make it available all over the world and let people know what you do.

Here is a flash video player designed by us running an in house encoded HD Avatar trailer:

This is an HD broadcaster fully presented in a previous post.

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