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February 1st, 2010 - Posted by Admin in General discussion

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Monetizing online video content has never been easier as multiple options have appeared in the marketplace. The most important thing you need to know is that monetizing means gaining revenue from your traffic.

You have to give your brand some exposure, it doesn’t matter that your website has a unique look or sells unique products if people don’t know you.

I will present you below a few revenue options for video streaming to create incomes and expand your audience:

Pay-Per-View Events

Pay Per View as a service offering the option to purchase tickets for private events which then allows the users to view the content. It’s similar to a subscription model. For example we have integrated two types of Pay Per View options:

1. Purchasing ticket to live streaming scheduled events.
2. Purchasing the ability to view a pre-recorded video at any specific time. Think of it as adding a particular video to your own personal library.

All PPV providers depend on a merchant account to make secure financial transactions. The integrated Merchant may effect how events can be purchased. One of the best things is that you are the one deciding the video prices (you can set the same rate for all the videos or create custom rates according to the video’s popularity, release date or even lenght.

The Pay Per View feature provides the ability to create revenue from ticket sales for both Live Events and prerecorded Video On Demand. PPV can be easily integrated with a payment merchant such as PayPal and minimal requirements are needed to get LIVE. All you have to do is to upload the VOD, set it as PPV, set a price then let the viewers purchase the content.


Another way to create revenue is by adding subscriptions that allows site viewers to buy memberships. This way they will be able to access premium content not being available for all the audience but for members only. Usually managing the subscribers can be done from the website’s admin panel and the transactions are completed through a 3rd party gateway.


You can also offer advertisers the right place to display their ads and promote different services. As you expand your reach and content library video community will become a more attractive place for advertising.
The content can be offered for free and make money from the ads your users view and click. All online media advertising can be integrated with any delivery method, from middle roll ads, overlay ads, pre-roll ads to banner ads.

Pre-roll advertising consists in short length videos loaded before the video files you are trying to see starts playing. The pre-roll option is the most popular and wide spread online advertising tool.
Make sure the pre-roll, mid-roll or post-roll ads are not to long as the audience may not view the video content due to these extended interruptions. The ads must be relevant and very briefly presented.

SAAS (software as a service) are one of the most wide spread methods for online advertising. You can monetize your streams with these systems. This type of solutions are delivered onto a separate domain (usually works as a third party solution) then each client will access his account with a personal username and password.

Banner advertising – banners can be inserted in various places of the websites and also on the video players to offer a customized look and promote.


Sponsorship is basicly adding custom skinned video players and web pages including your sponsor’s logo or a short message. A dedicated video channel streaming sponsor’s specific content can be also added.

Affiliate Networks

This method allows affiliates to promote the services offered by the merchant to the audience in their website (services can be promoted using banners, flash ads, text links or emails).

Affiliate networks allow merchants to share a part of the revenue with publishers (revenue created by the merchant from viewers accessing the publisher’s website or pay a fee each time a viewer performs an action such as a purchase or registration.

These are a few directions to monetize your video content online but it all depends on your business model and the market niche you are focusing. You can read more about online video platforms and monetizing possibilities HERE.

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