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January 21st, 2010 - Posted by Tom in General discussion

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Mobile video content got a big boost since pre-roll ads have been launched. A very high number of end users are not willing to pay for content being streamed which is why streaming advertising will turn online video content into a revenue source.

Recent stats reveal that 9 people in 10 are willing to receive mobile ads if this will allow free access to content. These end users also stated that the brands being advertised gained more interest from consumers who were not really familiar with the associated products.

Allow me to give you a quick tutorial on how mobile video ads work. If you have a web browser installed on your smartphone you will be able to use a standard video player (there are already available on the market, one example being Mywaves) for watching ads delivered via special applications. In most of the cases you are also able to save the video file on your mobile device and send it over to other people using the MMS features.

There are a few methods of delivering video ads on mobile phones:

1. RSS video (RSS feeds) content is downloaded trough computers to mobile phones using RSS reader.

2. Video content streamed through a TV is first transmitted to a PVR then to a mobile video player supported by different smartphones.

3. Video streamed to mobile phones trough the 3G or other mobile networks.

A source of revenue is very important when speaking about mobile video so there should be a balance between the free supported video ads and the premium content.

If we are speaking about the volume then mobile video impact is currently much lower that traditional TV broadcasting but industry is currently experiencing exponential growth and distribution as opposed to a flat-lining traditional market.

A very new and interactive iPhone application has been released by AdMob. This came up to combine the need of advertisers to offer an attractive way of promoting their products or services with the need of end users to enjoy video content on their mobile phones. It’s basically a bridge between these 2 sides, a win-win situation for all 3 parties at the end.

You can see in the video above how mobile video ads display on mobile devices.

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