No flash support on Apple’s Tablet

February 1st, 2010 - Posted by Catalin in General discussion

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One of the most commonly debated subjects online was the lack of Flash support for the iPhone. It started 3 years ago and a lot of contradictory opinions have been voiced but now seems like iPhone users agree that Flash is not really an essential feature for their mobile device.

Once iPad was released (without offering Flash support) the reaction was in the opposite way. End users find this unacceptable as the main functionality of the iPad is to browse the Web having the full picture, including games and videos. Adobe quickly disagreed with the iPad being released without Flash support as 70% of online games and 75% of video content currently run on the Flash standard.

One of the possible explanations for launching this product without Flash is the predicted incompatibility between iPad and Flash. With Flash Being a proprietary solution the Apple staff would not be able to personally fix possible bugs or work on optimization. They would have to rely on Adobe’s team of engineers to address the known issues.

Apple is experimenting with the ability to use the open source HTML5 standard which is still in early development. Vimeo and YouTube have launched some tests to see how the new standard works and what needs to be improved (at this point full screen option is not available, advertising runs only on Flash and there are just a few web browsers to support HTML5).

In their previous product demos they presented websites without Flash windows displayed. Apple had stated that the iPad would support Flash and they actually presented a website running Flash content in their video ads causing a vehement reaction from the general public. Rumors have already begun to circulate that Apple is already replacing those ads.

Here is how a webpage looks like without Flash support:

Something similar happened with an iPhone ad in UK which was banned because the video mislead the audience about the smartphone’s capabilities. So no Flash on the iPad means no Hulu, CNN or popular flashed based games like Farmville.

Not integrating Flash means that several web-standard functions cannot be done on an iPad such as:

– No Flash Camera
– No HDMI Out
– No Full GPS
– No SD Slot
– No Drag and Drop File Management
– No USB Port
– No 1080p Playback
– No Multi-tasking

It’s interesting to find out how iPad will compete on the market with all these limitations. Rumors say Flash apps will be soon released so I am looking forward to see what’s happening with this already controverted product.

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