Schools Spying Through Laptop Webcams?

February 26th, 2010 - Posted by Catalin in General discussion

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Lower Merion School District located in Pennsylvania was recently accused for remote controlling webcams installed on laptops distributed to all students and spy them.

The school offered laptops including on-board webcams which could be easily accessed by administrators using a pre installed software. The strange story is that nothing about this possibility was specified in the documents when students signed for receiving the laptops.

A family is suing the school for invading their privacy after their son Blake Robbins was disciplined by the assistant principle for „improper behavior in the home” and the evidence was a photo taken by accessing his laptop’s webcam.

School authorities defend themselves explaining that adding the remote software was a security measure so they can locate stolen or missing laptops.

Here is a video showing how another representative from a different school is using a remote application to spy students.

It may be a good idea for schools to track their students when they are inside the institution and when they know they are supervised. But it is not acceptable when they are taking these actions out of the property and inside private houses.

Blake Robinns’s parents already filed a class action suit and they (also other families joined) are demanding damages. You can read more about this case HERE.

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