Webcam to save tourist’s life

February 8th, 2010 - Posted by Eliza in General discussion

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In extraordinary situations technology that may be received as a past time may actually save your life. A recent case occurred February 7th 2010. Basically, a woman was watching the beautiful coast of St. Peter-Ording (a very popular holiday destination in Germany) using the live webcam integrated with the website. While browsing the site she spotted something strange from hundreds kilometers away simply by being in front of her computer.

A nearly frozen man was walking on the ice trying to alert somebody that he was in danger. Seeing the flash of his camera seemed like a cry for help and she alerted the authorities.

BBC reported that the rescued person was a photographer who got lost while trying to find the best place to shoot the sunset. That’s when he was spotted via that webcam and North Sea police were able to rescue him with the headlights on their cars.

You can see the live feed of the lucky webcam which saved his life HERE.

A lot of tourists head to St Peter-Ording for its beaches and sailing and a very good way to promote the location is via webcams. You can see below a snapshot showing the camera feed on the spot where this happy ending story happened.

About a week ago a similar case happened in Haiti where a man was saved after using an iPhone application.

You can read more about online live streaming and what do you need to start broadcasting yourself HERE.

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  1. […] The cameras used for online streaming are also used by the NASA’s command center in Houston for observation and communication. But the system is a bit different because the live stream from the space is only available when the station is in direct contact with the Earth using the high speed communication antenna and NASA’s satelitte system. Earlier last week NASA offered Internet acces for the astronauts on the space station. You may view the live stream HERE. This is another interesting story about how live streaming can help even saving a life. Read the entire article HERE. […]

  2. […] Major televisions like CNN and Fox News used his live feed to present the images on TV and seems like 4.35 million people watched it. Video streaming websites were there too, showing live images from Chile and Hawaii and also local news broadcasts. A while ago a german tourist was saved from freezing on the sea by somebody who spotted him on a live webcam. After accessing a website having this service integrated that person was able to see him and call the authorities. You can read the entire article HERE. […]