Adobe Flash and AIR available on Android?

February 19th, 2010 - Posted by Eliza in Hardware/software solutions for streaming

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It appears that Flash games and AIR applications will finally be readily available on mobile devices and the first one to support them appears to be Google’s Android phone. When Motorola Droid was released, statements that Flash was finally available for mobile devices invaded online forums and articles.

Adobe announced at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona that AIR and Flash 10.1 for Android will be available the end of July 2010. The good news is that developers will be able to create flash games and applications which then can be easily integrated on all devices working on different platforms. This way nobody will have to rebuild that application each time it needs to be deployed on a different device.

They call it the “Open Screen Project” and the list of mobile device providers who have joined the project includes Palm, Motorola and Nokia. David Wadhwani, general manager of Adobe’s platform business, stated “We believe it is time for an industry-wide movement for a consistent way to develop across the Web for PCs, mobile devices, and TVs.”

We don’t have too much information from Adobe at this time but they released a few demos of Flash video on Nexus One and Motorola. Check them out:

Streaming Video Demo

Flash Application Demo

This is a major boost for Flash as this news comes shortly after the release of the iPad (which was originally not thought to be Flash compatible), the lack of flash on the iPhone (In December 2009, 7 million iPhone owners tried to download the Flash player through their mobile browsers), and a lot of forum discussions regarding HTML 5 being a better technology. You can read more about this HERE.

Companies are already announcing support for Flash 10.1, Brightcove being one of them. This integration means the platforms will be offering Flash 10.1 in its video players, video player customizations will be possible such as new skins as well as adding advertising and social network integration (like Facebook and Twitter).

Read more about Flash streaming in this article.

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