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January 20th, 2010 - Posted by Catalin in Hardware/software solutions for streaming

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VESA (The Video Electronics Standards Association) has announced the release of 1.2 Displayport which is a big step ahead HDMI. Displayport is a digital display interface standard.

This new standard doubles the data transfer rate taking it from 10.8 GBps to 21.6 GBps. Here are some additional improvements:

– better refresh rates
– multiple display
– increased resolutions
– improved 3D stereo transmission formats
– up to 240 fps

Ethernet data transfer is also a capability and different hardware components using Displayport for connectivity act like USB hubs powering webcams or speakers.

The Displayport is also ready built for Blu-ray discs which are the first standard of High Definition content players. This new interface was built to also handle multiple video sources, speakers and monitors. We are speaking about multistreaming – meaning that independent audio/video streams will be transmitted using a single cable.

It is interesting because multi-monitor support will be available using a single plug. The maximum display devices is limited to 4, each running at 1920X1200 pixels or a pair running on 2560X1600 pixels. A 3D display will be capable of pushing a 2560×1600 resolution at 120Hz.

The video gaming industry and it’s followers will find this very useful because all of the very high quality monitors will be able to prove their graphic performances.

Also home theater followers who don’t want to set up a lot of cable connections will find this as an alternative for HDMI or DVI connections. HDMI is very popular and it will take some time until Displayport will be considered an industry standard.Aa very important point is that unlike HDMI, Displayport is an open standard and it can be used by all industry manufacturers without paying any royalty fees. No matter the economical situation, everybody wants to save money while using the best solutions for their businesses.

Here is an interview with Bruce Montag, key techologist at Displayport, comparing Displayport technology with other standards in the industry:

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