FLO TV adds video on demand and pay per view

April 21st, 2010 - Posted by Mihaela in Hardware/software solutions for streaming

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NAB Show comes this year with a lot of news and the last one is about FLO TV. This is a service streaming TV programs to mobile devices. They announced at the event that it’s mobile TV service will be improved by adding new capabilities. This way video footage can be integrated with Web content and social media applications. The decision comes as the viewers are a lot attracted by interactivity while watching online videos.

Here is a short statement from the official press release:

“With consumers’ mobile entertainment habits evolving rapidly, FLO TV will be integrating its current live linear video with relevant, on-demand content and interactive features that complement the programming viewers are watching in real-time,” said Bill Stone, president of FLO TV.

What exactly is this new service include? They want to offer something new in the live streaming industry by offering time-shifting (users will be able to watch the streams like in a DVR, basically a video on demand service), pay per day (offering pay as you go capabilities so users can watch videos without actually having a monthly subscription) and pay per view. Read more about the pay per view concept HERE.

See below Michael Vorel from ProjectGadget reviewing the 3.5″ FLO TV portable television.

We shall see if the upcoming improvements will change something in their popularity and users will rather choose this solution instead of the free TV broadcasts on mobile devices (soon available). FLO TV expects to release these features in the second part of 2010.

The most important thing we need to know is what devices will actually support the service. I think they need to cover the major smartphones platforms to increase the audience and not limit it to feature phones.

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