HDMI 1.4 update to 3D TV

February 4th, 2010 - Posted by Tim in Hardware/software solutions for streaming

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3D TV seems to be the next step in the media industry and a lot of announcements have been made since the concept was first published. Due to the 3D showings of the moving Avatar this buzz has steadily increased the activity on 3D TV on many blogs and other forums. Questions about how this technology works appeared have transformed into rumors that we will soon have this working in our houses populated the online community.

Manufacturers already started work on releasing 3D TV compatible devices ( all of the bigger brands of HDTV manufacturers will launch 3D sets this year) and HDMI Licensing is doing the same by announcing an update to the latest HDMI 1.4 standard.

HDMI is recognized as being the standard video interface for offering HD audio/video to HDTV’s. So what is this update about? Well HDMI is working on 3D certification and already released specifications needed to handle 3D content so that broadcasters and owners can use when editing and managing videos.

This update basically contains in including a 3D format created to fit broadcasters need when dealing with 3D content (and here I am talking about managing higher compression rates compared to those used by the content played on Blu-rays).

All this transition to 3D television shows the impact of this new technology on the market and seems like everyone works on compiling with it.

HDMI is not the only interface to support 3D. DisplayPort, DVI or analog can also do the job but each interface needs to create proprietary 3D communication structures. Still HDMI is the first to create one.

Basicly a user who wants to view 3D content on his HDTV will need to make sure that device is HDMI 3D capable.

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