InstantAction – streaming video games live?

May 3rd, 2010 - Posted by Catalin in Hardware/software solutions for streaming

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InstantAction recently launched an innovative way to play and share video games online. Their new platform allows users to instantly play and embed video games as you usually do with YouTube videos. This way you don’t need to download any content on your computer then install: the games are embedded into different supported browsers after you created a profile and logged in. The games seems like they are live streams but actually your computer’s hardware is doing the trick.

A similar service has been launched by OnLIVE and at that time I wrote a REVIEW about how the solution works. But OnLIVE is different because all the processing is done on their servers then the stream is pushed back into a video player.

The Secret of Monkey Island is the first game running with InstantAction and you can see in the following video how you can embed it on Facebook. You can play it for about 20 minutes then you are being asked to purchase the full game and seems like this model will apply for the further releases.

InstantAction says the platform is very fast and you can play 2 or 3 GB games using a 5Mbps internet connection without experiencing lag problems or waiting to download the entire game. For the moment only PC owners can use it as the Mac version is not supported yet. Developers may be very happy with this service: they can charge for premium games or add time limited trials to promote their work. Here is Louis Castle (InstantAction CEO) talking about the concept:

So what do you think about this ? Seems like the online gaming industry has more potential than we ever imagined as a lot of new developments are still to come.

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