Netflix and ABC streaming videos on the iPad

April 26th, 2010 - Posted by Catalin in Hardware/software solutions for streaming

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Not much since the iPad has been officialy released and streaming apps are already available. Mobile TV and movies can be instantly accessed using Netflix or ABC. For the first one you actually need an unlimited membership to be able to view the content.

The interface is pretty simple, not many design customization have been made. When you open the app the login page looks exactly as the Netflix’s login page on their website. Once you are in it is easy to navigate as the screen displays basicaly a Watch Instantly style page where you select the videos from a browser. This makes us think why not an iPhone and iPod similar app? Maybe we will get the answer soon.

Netflix video player on the iPad

See below Netflix’s streaming application to understand better how it works. The loading time is short and the app handles the stream really good over a broadband WiFi connection:

ABC Player allows you to access full episodes of Grey’s Anatomy, LOST or Modern Family. Features such as schedule or viewing history allows you to stop watch the stream then resume it from the point where you left it. Even if the app looks better than Netflix’s I’ve seen far less video titles available to stream and I can say it’s a little inconvenient as newer episodes of their featured shows are not there.

ABC video player on the iPad

And now the video demoing the ABC streaming application:

What do you think about these two brand new applications ? Will you rather use Netflix on iPad rather than your TV ? I am looking forward to your comments here.

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