Netflix on Windows Phone 7 ?

March 16th, 2010 - Posted by Tom in Hardware/software solutions for streaming

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MIX 2010 comes with a lot of news and Netflix has a very interesting one: live streaming on mobile phones. Netflix streaming is one of the services that may be available on mobile devices by the end of the year but the first mobile phone to support it will be Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 and not the iPhone as everybody expected.

They actually hosted a presentation where the mobile apps compatible with the new device were presented and Netflix was one of them. Scott Stanfield, CEO of Vertigo Software Inc is speaking about their new idea in the following video:

If the application will go out from its prototype status, the Windows Phone 7 users will be able to watch and manage video content from their device. It supports Silverlight streaming so Netflix will stream to mobile phones as on the PC’s through its „Watch Instantly” service. This is the first Netflix app to support this. Until now the streaming service has been limited to stationary devices.

The software kit will be available for multiple platforms such as the iPhone and other mobile devices.

Here is a demo of the other Windows Phone 7 capabilities:

You can also read more about Netflix solutions HERE.

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