Streaming with Blackmagic Intensity Pro capture card

February 11th, 2010 - Posted by Catalin in Hardware/software solutions for streaming

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Editing on a big HD monitor is now easier with Intensity Pro using the HDMI interface. Live streaming with this card means you get uncompressed video source so the CPU won’t waste resources trying to de compress the video while capturing.

Intensity Pro is the first affordable video card to combine HDMI capture and playback with analog component, PAL and S-video. It offers one the possibility to edit on wide screen HDMI TV’s or capture directly from HDV cameras. This is awesome because existing editing solutions won’t play back to HDV cams for monitoring.

Here is a short comparison between Intensity Pro and Osprey 700 from Viewcast:

Another good thing is that the On-Air solution comes with the board allowing you to connect 2 Intensity Pro boards into the same computer to mix 2 video cameras when streaming live video. This device has been created to switch very fast between NTSC (standard used in USA and Japan), PAL and 720HD and 1080HD standards.

You can run some tests yourself if you have an Intensity Pro card using free applications. Read more about one of them (HD application) at:

Have a look at this test video captured with Intensity Pro:

I can assist you setting everything up to stream your content on the Internet. Also a good tutorial with documentation for the Intensity Pro setup can be found here:

This is how you connect the card to your computer:

Technical details are posted HERE.

Professional Streaming Consultant

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  1. Tim says:


    I can capture video from the camera using this blackmagic product

    On the camera, I had to reduce the definition on the component out for it to work.

    However when I try to stream it using Ustream, it doesn’t work and the feed doesn’t come up in the ustream broadcast.

    If you have any suggestions about how to get this working I would love to hear it!

  2. Catalin says:

    Hello Tim:

    Thank you for sharing your case here. My suggestion is to have a look at this article: and try the HD broadcaster found there.

    Looking forward to your important feedback.

    Professional Streaming Consultant

  3. Jesus Barbero says:

    Hello Catalin, thanks for useful comments and information.

    Let me share our experience and our objectives:

    Very successful, so far I am using VLC for export live video streaming inside a company building. A few select desktop has a VLC with WebCam as a input and through VLC we export live streaming video very well.

    Now we need export video streaming from HDMI interface source. In more details:
    • I want use VLC and Intensity Pro as capture card
    • Export live video streaming through the company LAN, not through internet.
    • Any way, we can use MPEP2 or H.264 as a video coding for internal video distribution

    Do you have any experience in this type of installation and could you help me on VLC and Intesity Pro configuration.

    Best regards,
    Jesus Barbero

  4. Robert says:

    Well I am looking for assistance, and not sure if I want to go through the Tiki live broadcaster. I have a very successful channel on JTV.

    Well I have tried this setting this damn card up numereous times, and have had so much problems i have tried three different machines. I have just ordered a new Computer and should have it at the end of the month. The computer I am getting if the Dell Studio XPS 9000, Intel Core i7-920 processor (8MB L3 Cache 2.66GHz), 12GB DDR3 SDRAM at 1066MHz, 1024MB nVidia GeForce GT220, 1TB Serial ATA 2 Hard Drive 7200 RPM, Genuine Windows 7 Home Premium, 64bit, English

    I have a 32 inch LCD Sharp, and everytime I have run the HDMI cables I get no picture whats si ever, When I run the composite or component what ever they are called I do. First I would like to know will that machine work with this capture card? Then I just dont know what I am doing wrong

    Please is someone can help me it would be greatly appreciated.
    Email address

  5. Catalin says:

    Hello Jesus:

    In our early experiments we found that Intensity Pro uses a less-standard color space (HDYC) for HD resolutions, which VLC does not natively recognize. Lately we heard that Intensity is updating firmware and moving to more-standard UYVY which should be more compatible, however we have not tried it yet. Let us know if any success with it.
    You can use any of the encoders bundled into VLC, including MPEG2 and H.264.

    Professional Streaming Consultant

  6. Ben says:

    My stream is really blurry for some reason regardless of what settings I change in the tikilive desktop broadcaster. I’m using an intensity pro and I’m getting audio and video to stream fine other than the terrible quality.

    Any ideas?

  7. Serj says:

    Is it possible to use this card under Linux?

  8. Catalin says:

    Hello Serj:

    You can use it under Windows and Mac OS environment only. Here is the manual:

    Please let me know if you have any other questions. I will reply shortly.


  9. Catalin says:

    Hello Ben:

    What are your video capture card settings ? Can you send me a snapshot at ? You can adjust your video format in the broadcaster to a higher resolution and a higher bitrate. Make sure you click apply so the settings can take effect. Please let me know your thoughts.


  10. Ken says:

    Hi Catalin

    I have just bought Intensity Pro card and the first thing it says id install Adobe Premiere Pro.
    Is this necessary?
    I want to capture streaming video from a camera with HDMI through the Intensity Pro.
    One application I want to stream to is Skype which will be on a fast internet link.
    Can you help me?

    Thanks, Ken

  11. Catalin says:

    Hello Ken:

    Intensity Pro is a professional editing card featuring maximum real time effects in Adobe Premiere Pro. It is not necessary to install it unless you need to edit and add effects. If you want to stream using this card you can use the TikiLIVE broadcaster. You can download it from and run some tests. I can assist you with the setup if needed.

    Looking forward to your feedback


  12. Matt says:

    Hey Catalin,

    just got my intensity pro set up. I’m not seeing any video on my pc(media express), but I’m also using hdmi out to my tv, and its working great. Not exactly sure what the issue is.

    Also, I have a pretty successful channel on and in the past i would stream with “adobe flash media live encoder”. But I’m not getting any video on that program either.

    Is there something I’m missing? Also, what program would you recommend to stream live to with this capture card?


    – matt

  13. Matt says:

    actually, I’m now thinking of switching to tikilive instead of jtv. But I’m still getting the same result in the tikilive broadcaster – no video

  14. Catalin says:

    Hello Matt:

    Can you tell me your current setup ? What cables are you using? You may want to see this tutorial:

    Also what are your settings in the TikiLIVE broadcaster? Please let me know more details and I will reply shortly.


  15. Dan says:

    Catalin you seem to be a guy who knows his stuff , i recently purchased an intensity pro and im having mad problems with it ! I keep getting prompted to update the firmware which updates unsuccessfully and then prompts me to reboot and try again !

    Im using 8 Gig of ram with an asus crosshair iv formula motherboard with an ATI radeon hd 5770 GPU , ive messaged their customer support but no reply as of yet so i thought id ask you to see if you knew of any solutions ! thanks man

  16. Ege says:

    Same problem as Dan have with same hardware.

  17. Nimesh says:

    Hi Catalin,

    The company I’m working for have recently purchased 20 Intensity Pro Capture Cards. Currently I’m working on a web based application where I would ideally want an interface which shows a very simple yet similar interface to Media Express (Only showing the video and giving the user an option to start/stop capture).

    I’ve downloaded the SDK and read through the documentation, and was able to find API for “Capture”. How can I easily redirect the video/audio preview of Media express to my application? Is there a way for it within the SDK?

    Thanks in advance for your input.



  18. Catalin says:

    Hello Nimesh:

    Thank you for contacting me. Please have a look at this manual: We use the Black Magic with our TikiLIVE solution, you may want to see it at and run some tests too.

    Let me know what questions you may have.