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April 20th, 2010 - Posted by Tom in Hardware/software solutions for streaming

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Online video editing is now available via Stroome, which started with a beta version this week. The project is an extension of what Kaltura started some time ago on their platform with the difference that the video editor has community tools and users can remix other videos uploaded by different users. Check out the video presentation:

What exactly is Stroome ? This concept allows subscribers to upload content then mix it with photos, audio and video file using a video editor. The result can be saved as a separate project then posted online to a restricted group (only friends will be able to view it) or visible to all Stroome members. I have tested and seems like social networks sharing is allowed and video sharing websites will be the next challenge for them as the feature is not supported yet.

Here are some pictures in my dashboard after creating a test project:

Picture 1: Dashboard

Picture 2: My Test Project

Picture 3: Video Editor

The solution will be free for the moment but if you need additional storage (users are able to upload 10GB for free) or HD quality you have to sign up for a premium account. Nothing about the price yet but seems like it will be a good alternative to Final Cut Pro. I see a little competition here. USC Annenberg school is one of the premium subscribers using Stroome in their classrooms and for the cable channel they run in the campus.

I am looking forward to Wednesday’s release to see what is going to happen and if the solution will be successful.

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