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December 26th, 2009 - Posted by Eliza in HD streaming

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It is well known from statistics and not only that online video is the fastest growing market on the Internet. The number of people posting and sharing online video and number of online video providers has been continuously growing.

An online video platform is a free or fee-based provider that offers a variety of services, posted below. While the website functionality may be differen from platform to platform the main goal (to stream) is continuosly growing. Once an end user has registered on a particular website they are basicly able to access a variety of features like uploading videos, edit menus, publicize and monetize their videos. Having the option to embed their own channel on a specific website end users are even more attracted to this type of video sharing. solution.

Knowing this, companies have developed turnkey solutions allowing anyone to create, brand and distribute video content to their own community. A few important features available with these services are the Live HD streaming with management of shows and users, the possibility to embed players of Live and Recorded Videos onto any other websites as well as integrating Pay Per View options to generate revenue.

The services can also include:

• Encoding tools
Flash streaming
• Embedding Video Players
• Video Editing Applications
• Hosting Plans
• Asset Management
• Distribution of Live or on demand video content

Here are a few samples of how a video platform looks like (user end):


VImeo 1

Sample 2

Tikilive 111

Sample 3


One of the most important things is about interacting and connecting directly with your audience. Interactivity is a decisive factor when creating an online video platform. pay per view or subscription based plans are just two options to monetize your platform and create user’s levels, motivating people to come back on your website.

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