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December 26th, 2009 - Posted by Mihaela in HD streaming

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Adobe Flash is a multimedia platform and it is considered an international standard in the streaming industry. Flash is an important contender in this industry, in a close competition with Silverlight. This is the format we recommend most strongly.

There are 2 Flash formats being used primordialy:
– The first one is .swf – used for flash files integrated in web pages
– The second one is .flv considered the most common way to present animated vector graphics online. dom. Flash is capable to support H.264 files, which is a huge improvement as this standard is a reference in the streaming media market.

Flash streaming

By having a high price Flash is not really accessible to everyone. And this because you need a Flash License in order to benefit of it’s full features. Also you need to handle the software but if you previously saw how a video editor works it shall not take you so long.

A Flash License offers you a wide range of video editing features and flexibility. Flash is now the most used method of video integration with web pages, working with a variety of customized menus and offering an interactive way of creating animated content.

Many people and magazines consider that Flash has a big plus by having the most popular and widely spread (supported) video player. It comes as a simple plugin you need to install before accessing the flash files. Even a non pro individual can embed a flash player on a website by simply adding the code on the desired webpage. Another thing confering universality is that Flash Video can be viewed on the most operating systems (using the Flash Player or the web browser plugin).

Here is how a Flash Player looks like:

Flash offers the possiblity to customize the video or audio player by modifying the embed code. This way color, buttons, themes, sizes can be easily manipulated resulting a very personal look according to the place and purposes of your video message. Open source tools can help you create the movies and other content flash compatible.

Speaking about the audio codecs, flash compatible AAC or MP3 technology are closing the circle to provide one with the best streaming or viewing experience.

You may ask why streaming with flash is a good solution. The answer is simple: Flash offers a flexible platform with HD quality for both on-demand and live streaming.

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  1. sam says:

    i think the way your site is handling the streaming is great. i just started to learn how to embed streams, but i am not sure how to stop it from autplaying when page loads! here is my embed code

    how can i stop it from auto playing?



  2. sam says:

    for some reason i cant show you my embeded code!
    sorry for the many posts mistakes.



  3. Terri Bradley says:

    I have downloaded Adobe 10 I don’t know how many times. I have downloaded Java and it is enabled. I have restarted my computer and for some reason, Adobe is still not working properly. I uninstalled it several times just to have it say that is is successfully uploaded. While working on, my clients see me sitting and typing, but it is not up to the minute. I have never had this problem. It is costing me lots of money. My camera works via the desktop icon for but not through the site. All I get is a box with a red x in the upper left hand corner. Please, can you help figure out the problem. Thanks

  4. Catalin says:

    Hello Sam:

    Thank you for the question and for keeping an eye on the blog. The answer is simple, if you want to stop the video from autoplaying a change in the embed code needs to be done and here you will need a programmer to modify it. The Flash player you see on the blog is customized to autoplay the video when the webpage is loaded. So this is a coding feature.

  5. Catalin says:

    @ Terri

    Here are my recommendations for this situation:

    1. If possible send us a screenshot to have a look and provide you feedback.
    2. Try using a different browser to open the website.
    3. Install the latest Flash version from:

    Please post here if you have additional questions.

    Professional Streaming Consultant

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  7. sam says:

    Catalin, so what you are saying it is not possible for a none coder to mod the embed code?
    it is not possible for you to drop me a code to see if it works?.

    again thanks for your help, i am very impressed with the quality you guys are supplying.
    7stars from me



  8. Catalin says:

    Hello again Sam:

    Yes indeed it will be very difficult for a non coder to modify the embed code. A professional coder is the solution in this situation. The player needs to be modified and that requires a schedule for a team as this is a custom work. What you saw on the blog is the version created to autoplay the video as the webpage is being loaded.

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