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December 26th, 2009 - Posted by Admin in HD streaming

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Video conferencing is a technology integrating video, audio and specific content to offer a very close to reality communication experience. Participants need a computer,a microphone, a webcam and a broadband internet connection to participate in video conference. This way they will be able to see and hear each other in real time.

Digital compression of audio and video streams in real time is the technical explanation of how a video conference is being set up. Video Conferencing is a good solution for the following scenarios:

• Simulate ‘Face to face’ communication
• A lot of visual content needs to be shared
• Easier to log in into the online meeting than meet at the same location

VOIP solutions combined with desktop sharing is the perfect solution to host a business meeting without leaving your desk. Companies doing business in multiple locations can benefit the most by taking down travel expenses. Videoconferencing is now adopted by the online networking websites in order to develop business relationships faster and with the lowest time resources.

Live Conferencing

This kind of solutions may include some of the following functions to provide a full experience of web conferencing:

• Streaming Live Video & Audio
• Text Chat
• Whiteboard for taking notes
• Recording and Saving the entire meeting
• Conduct Polls and Surveys and report on results
• Content Sharing in the form of video and images
• Customizable Layout
• Desktop Sharing

Video conference solutions have the benefit of providing a simulated face to face meeting while cutting off the attendees travel expenses to the same location. A very interesting feature for conference software is that allows participants to see everything displayed on your desktop or on your screen. Using it you will have an easy and reliable way of communicating to your associates by letting them see exactly what you are referring to on your own computer.

Here is a short audio/video guide to properly host an online meeting:

Video input
A video camera or a web cam can be used as video input. Usually there are two video cameras, at least one camera at each location.

Video Output
Video output used can be a standard TV set, computer monitor or digital TV set.

Audio input
Audio input is usually a microphone.

Audio output
Audio output = speakers. May be professional speakers, headphones or laptop speakers.

Nowadays applications of video conferencing are just the beginning of this technological revolution. As video and voice capture software are constantly improving, the experience of video conferencing will become something close to reality and offer the feeling of making the distances disappear.

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