YouTube – Top 5 most embedded and linked to videos

March 22nd, 2010 - Posted by Tim in HD Videos

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These days YouTube announced that the platform processes about 24 hours of video content each minute. The incredible numbers shows a very high interest in watching live events online. You can see below the most accessed videos uploaded on the platform during last summer period. This helps us understand a little bit the trend and what are popular subject for broadcasting communities users.

Video number 1
Original wedding dance

Video number 2
Evian commercial

Video number 3
Video created for Sour using footage sent by fans around the world

Video number 4
President Obama is interrupted by Kanye West to promote a Beyonce video.

Video number 5
Dave Carroll’s video about his Taylor guitar witnessed being thrown by United Airlines baggage handlers in Chicago.

YouTube is the most used video sharing service used by the online community to embed and link to videos with 81.9% market share. Vimeo comes second with 8.8% and Dailymotion is third with 4%.

You can read more about video sharing and streaming platforms HERE.

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