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November 25th, 2009 - Posted by Tim in iPhone

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Iphone streaming is a very popular concept these days and it has been discussed very intense. But what is the technology involved here? Well this feature allows producers and not only to broadcast their live shows to iPhone users over 3G or WiFi internet connections. Basicly all you have to do as a user is to access the application in the mobile Internet browser and this way you will be able to browse live videos.

I was reading in April 2009 an article published by Nielsen were they were estimating (in terms of the entire iPhone market) about 6.4 million of iPhone users in the USA compared to only 2.1 million in 2008. And the big news is that 37% are active users watching videos on their phone so more and more companies distributing streaming media are having this on their must have apps.

Livestream announced lately that this feature is available on their website, with the broadcaster they offer. They didn’t know we were way ahead with this development and and neither about the press release we published.

Basicly we offered the TikiLIVE iPhone Broadcaster about a month before they did. Tiki broadcaster is based on a patent pending streaming technology, designed to easily broadcast LIVE videos as well as Video On Demand content. You just download the application, just simply connect a video and audio source to the PC and click “start broadcast”. Once the broadcasting starts, viewers may find the broadcast by navigating to a unique URL on their iPhone.

Each broadcast may be recorded to the TikiLIVE server network as a video on demand and added to the TikiLIVE iPhone Broadcaster VOD gallery.

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