Facebook using HTML5 video on the iPad?

April 29th, 2010 - Posted by Eliza in Social Media

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A lot of debates have been going on the web since the HTML5 support for Facebook rumor appeared. This feature will allow Facebook videos to run on the iPad and the iPhone which is actually great news if we think about the lack of Flash support. But here is the news: Videos currently running on Facebook are not HTML5, they implemented an H.264 video player allowing to play in-browser videos. (Using Safari). Before this being possible users were all prompted to download and install Adobe Flash.

Facebook already confirmed they are not using HTML5 and all videos are encoded using the H.264 standard. The trick is that the iPad offers support for H.264 encoded videos that is why users will be able to watch the video content. When Facebook videos are loaded on any iPad they are automatically transcoded into a Quicktime format. But the feature is enabled for the new uploads so if you want to play an old video you’ll get stuck. Here is how the player looks like:

And here is the video presentation:

This new feature may be the first sign of Facebook going with HTML5 or just a differentiation strategy of not using it yet. Somebody from their team stated that HTML5 may be a future plan.

You can read a full article about this technology HERE. Also to understand better what the H.264 standard is and how you can use it please see this TUTORIAL.

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