3D television technology

January 15th, 2010 - Posted by Catalin in Streaming technology

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Nowadays the 3D television concept is very vehiculated and it is expected to be available for the entire public soon.

Trending the real successfull Avatar movie, many TV manufacturers are very confident that 3-D video will be the next step in the video streaming industry.

The technology is not really complicated, the TV has an integrated transmitter which is synchronizing with the 3D glasses. This way the frequency is automatically set and the left and right images are properly displayed.

Each eye will receive the proper image so this way the result is a 3D quality. Because each eye sees the same frame from a different perspective our brain combines them together and calculates distance based on the disimilarities between those images. The 3D effect is based on the same concept trying to induct the same psychological effect, to precisely show different images to each eyes.

Each person viewing the video will need a pair of 3D glasses ($100 to $300). Speaking about the hardware part you will need a Blu-ray player (of course 3D compatible). Devices such as DirectTV boxes or PS3 will support 3D video once software kits will be released from the manufacturers.

3D content will be stored on Blu ray discs (you will find the 3D compatible specifications on the back of the case) and so far only one has been released. Video studios will need to produce 3D content and also make it available for digital delivery.

Another thing to be mentioned here is that for getting a 3D image a very high frame rate will be needed (the TV must support 240 HZ refresh rate and also have an HDMI connection , preffered HDMI 1.4).

Here is the technology used to be able to watch 3D videos.

Color Filter Glasses

This technology is based on the color filters and the 3D effect is achieved by watching different perspectives of the same image. Those glasses are not really the most recommended method because the color filtering is basicly a limitation of colors which can be used for creating 3D images.

Shutter Glasses

What happens here is that the left and the right images are very fast switched on the HDTV when the info is projected. These glasses are baterry operated and have integrated shutters which are synchronized to push the correct image and stop the unwanted content.
Liquid crystal is being used with this glasses, a receiver-transmitter combination between Bluetooth, infrared and radio technology.

Polarized Glasses

These glasses’s lenses are similar to what sunglasses have. Two projectors having polarizing lenses are pushing the 3D images. This method offers the best viewing experience being based on the HDI technology.

You can see HERE how this concept will change the video industry in the future.

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