3D video teleconferencing

April 15th, 2010 - Posted by Admin in Streaming technology

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University of Southern California’s Institute for Creative Technologies just released a revolutionary 3D video conference system. The entire setup is based on a simple but very efficient technology. 3D images are being displayed by projecting the video feed onto a spinning aluminium mirror. This way viewers can get a very clear image from different angles.

The system was first shown in the university’s campus at the TedxUSC event. For now the images are displayed in a single color but the creators said they will soon implement multiple chip projectors to achieve multiple colors. You can actually see in the videos below how the image looks like from different perspectives and a full explanation about how the concept works.

At the moment only the face of a person can be projected but if the size of the mirror is extended they can project an entire body. This solution comes as people want to recreate the natural communication even if they are in two different places. Facial expressiveness is not very good represented in traditional 2D video conferencing systems. For example if somebody points his face to a different direction than the camera itself you’ll feel like he is not paying attention to the audience.

Here is another demo of the concept:

The Institute for Creative Technologies has been working on this for several years now and hope to bring the concept from a prototype to commercial use soon. You can read more about the event HERE and see a detailed tutorial about how video conferencing works HERE.

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