MiFi adds music and video streaming

March 29th, 2010 - Posted by Catalin in Streaming technology

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MiFi users will be very happy to know that Novatel added streaming capabilities to the device. You can now stream music and videos over Wi-Fi using the DLNA protocol (Digital Living Network Alliance) to devices such as TV’s, iPhones and laptops.

The new feature was presented at CTIA (CTIA is the largest trade show where wireless technology is first announced. More information can be found HERE).

But what was the big news from Novatel ? Well it’s NovaDrive, a new storage service. A microSD card slot is integrated and you can load up to 32GB of video content. Just connect the MiFi to your computer and access the entire library. For $50 per year you can use the device as a file server (no capacity limit).

Below you can see a demo of MiFi’s streaming capability on the iPhone. There is an application you need to get from the App Store called PlugPlayer in order to stream content from the device to your iPhone using DLNA technology. You can also find out how to stream on your iPhone directly from your computer in the following TUTORIAL.

If you already tested the new streaming capability please share your thoughts here.

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