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March 12th, 2010 - Posted by Catalin in Streaming technology

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OnLive CEO Steve Perlman announced at the Game Developers Conference, the official launch date of their on-demand video game streaming solution. Gamers will be able to play HD 3D games without actually having a video console. There have been rumors regarding OnLIVE launching date (they are not the only company thinking about this concept – OTOY is actually their competitor) but nothing was confirmed so now they finally made it: June 17 will be the day when 48 US states will be able to use OnLIVE.

There is a thing they need to fix somehow for sure and I am talking about latency. Because all of the gamers are not actually playing on local hosts there is lag appearing (a time difference between a command is being given and the moment when it really happens) and this is very annoying when you need accuracy for example in a 3rd person shooter.

Here is a trailer they provided to present the capabilities.

The best thing about this service is that gamers won’t need powerful hardware configurations to be able to play the newest titles which require high quality graphic boards. Everything is being processed on the server side and the content is then pushed back to each individual computer connected to the network.

Basically the service will work like Netflix and the monthly fee will be $14.95. The first 25,000 users to register will have the service free for 3 months. This is for sure a totally different video gaming experience and speaking about the consumer behavior the intermediaries such as retail stores may disappear. You can watch another OnLIVE demo below:

What do you think about this innovative solution ? Would you adopt it or remain a fan of enjoying video games on your own computer ?

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