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April 7th, 2010 - Posted by Mihaela in Streaming technology

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Redbox comes with the latest news: they are running a survey where they ask their customers if a movie streaming service similar to Netflix shall be implemented or not. As you may already know Redbox specializes in renting DVD’s via interactive kiosks and now they are running some tests to offer video games rentals. They offer a very competitive price for renting a movie, it is $1 a night and you must return the DVD back to the machine the next day.

There are 2 options: first is to rent the movie using a Redbox kiosk and second , make an online reservation then pick the DVD from a kiosk by pressing the “Online rental pickup” button and swap the credit card.

This is how you can actually rent a movie after you made an online reservation.

Redbox decided to approach the streaming segment seeing the big success Netflix had with their solution. The survery I was talking about is asking customers if they would pay $3.95 for a video subscription service including unlimited online streaming and 4 kiosk rentals a month. We shall see the results and when they decide to implement the new service.

This is the interior of a Redbox machine. See what is happening behind the friendly user interface when you select a movie and rent it.

There are a few challanges for Redbox as they want to compete Netflix. First Netflix has a huge streaming content library with more than 17,000 titles compared to the limited Redbox catalog. Then, a lot of devices such as the Xbox, PS3, Nintendo Wii consoles and Roku set top boxes are configured to support Netflix streaming. The number is still growing.

You can read more about Netflix streaming HERE. They will support 1080p streaming soon. More about 1080p and Netflix can be found in this TUTORIAL.

I am waiting your comments here, what do you think: is Redbox a strong enough streamin contender for Netflix?

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