Skyfire brings flash video streaming on the Android

April 30th, 2010 - Posted by Catalin in Streaming technology

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Skyfire makes Flash video possible for Android devices as they announced the Skyfire 2.0 browser. The new app converts Flash videos to H.264 via their servers then pushes the content to the mobile devices. What’s interesting is that Skyfire’s servers are automatically adjusting the video resolution so the video will be displayed according to your phone’s screen size and network speed to get the best video streaming quality.

“Skyfire on Android uses cloud-computing technology to enable this web video; the benefits include faster and smoother video playback, and extended battery life by offloading more of the work to cloud servers” , CEO Jeff Glueck stated. You can see below the concept’s presentation:

Users will be able to display the content as on a full desktop browser or optimized for the mobile device. The explore option allows you to browse videos from YouTube or search related media on Google or Twitter and then share. The application is free to download in the Android version (version 2.0 beta) and is also available for Nokia and Windows Mobile phones in version 1.5. It doesn’t support Windows Media, Quicktime or Silverlight streaming at the moment (Silverlight seems to be the next step) but we may expect some improvements in the future. Multitouch zooming is also available as you can see in the following video demoing the app:

Skyfire has some limitations: it won’t actually work with all the Flash based videos and sometimes it crashes. Even more you are not able to play Flash games so it’s not really a full solution to view Flash content on the mobile devices. But it’s for sure a good step ahead. We are still waiting for a way to do that.

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