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February 1st, 2010 - Posted by Tim in Streaming technology

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3D TV is becoming a very popular concept and seems to be the next true leap in the streaming media industry. With Avatar opening in many cinemas as 3D, the video industry has taken the preliminary step to make this available on your own TV. SKY television is trying to take an early advantage on the competition by launching the first European 3D TV channel which is scheduled to broadcast movies, sports and alternative entertainment.

The project was planned for 2011 but due to a surge in subscriptions the company announced an earlier launch. Basically, the number of subscribers doubled for SKY+HD in the last year to reach 1.3 million at the moment.

Viewers will be able to access 3D video content via their set top boxes using special 3D glasses. You can read more about available models and how are they built in this article. The most important thing that remains is and affordable “3D ready” TV set which decodes 2 signals creating the 3D environment.

Important TV manufacturers like Panasonic, Hynundai or Sony already announced they will release 3D TV sets in one year time and the prices will compete with the available HD sets on the market now. This service looks very attractive as there will be no additional charges (if you are a SKY+HD subscriber already) at the beginning.

3D content will be also available soon as Sony announced they will film the 2010 World Cup in South Africa in 3D. If this case study proves to be popular SKY will be one step ahead other competitors as being early adopters of 3D content.

You can watch this demo below to understand how this technology works and what are the advantages:

As SKY’s new service uses the same concept as the one in the 3D cinemas as they are running an intense marketing campaign referring to Avatar as a comparison to what it will be available on their 3D TV channel. SKY’s 3D channel is expected to be available as early as April 2010.

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