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Skyfire makes Flash video possible for Android devices as they announced the Skyfire 2.0 browser. The new app converts Flash videos to H.264 via their servers then pushes the content to the mobile devices. What’s interesting is that Skyfire’s servers are automatically adjusting the video resolution so the video will be displayed according to your […]

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A lot of debates have been going on the web since the HTML5 support for Facebook rumor appeared. This feature will allow Facebook videos to run on the iPad and the iPhone which is actually great news if we think about the lack of Flash support. But here is the news: Videos currently running on […]

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Here is some good news for the consumers: MPEG LA stated that H.264 licenses for video streaming will remain free at least for the next 5 years. Seems like this is the answer to what YouTube and Vimeo made (implementing the HTML5 video player about a month ago, which seems to win against H.264). MPEG […]

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As the Osprey 700e HD won several awards, including the Streaming Media’s 2008 Readers Choice Award, TV Technology magazine’s 2007 STAR Award and was featured in HD Video Pro magazine’s February 2008 issue, there is no question that the industry is taking an interest in the potential for HD streaming. We have successfully utilized the […]


YouTube is working now on seriously trying to offer High Definition with 1080p support. Their technology requires the users to download and install the Adobe Flash Player plugin similar to QuickTime or RealPlayer browser plug-ins. Users are limited to a ten minutes in length and 2 GB files size. They had no restrictions but only […]


Since Silverlight was released, the IPTV community has been debating whether or not it could replace Flash as the industry standard. It has been accepted that both techologies will play important roles in the industry as they both have particular strengths and weaknesses. Here are a few important differences between Flash and Silverlight: 1. Flash […]

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Lately I was doing research about codecs and wanted to make a comparison between H.264 and VP6. There are a lot of discussions where people are a bit confusing about what shall they use to do live streaming with the best video quality for their viewers. In general, VP6 and VP7 are designed to combine […]