How to connect a Canon Vixia HF 10 for HD video streaming

December 2nd, 2009 - Posted by Catalin in Tutorials

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Many times I’ve been asked how to connect a Vixia HF10 camera model to stream live HD. We are using our professional TikiLIVE broadcaster together with the Intensity Pro capture card from Black Magic to stream true HD streams.

Below is a short list of capture cards we successfully tested, the requirements and the video quality achieved.
View PDF Version of Confirmed Capture Devices Here

Capture boards

Have a look next on how to connect a high definition video source:

In order to transmit both video and audio through a broadcasting computer, a broadcaster must connect a video source (below) and an audio source (please see connecting audio source).
HIGH Definition Video Sources will ONLY be recognized by the “HD Broadcaster” and require a special HD capture card. As I told you we are using Intesity Pro. It is recommended that the “HD Broadcaster” be used on a computer with at least a Quad Core Processor for proper results.

HD capture card

A very good thing to know is that the Black Magic: Intensity Pro Card recommended for HD broadcasting comes with an adaptor that MUST be attached to the capture card in order for the capture card to accept COMPONENT HD video signals.

Connecting audio output for either standard definition or high definition:

In order to transmit both video and audio through a broadcasting computer, a broadcaster must connect a video source (see above) and an audio source.
A “source conversion” takes place in-between the Audio OUTPUT and Audio INPUT in the below diagram. A broadcaster can purchase a single wire which has 2 RCA MALE connections on one side and 1 STEREO MALE connection on the other.

Audio Source

Please see me offline if you have additional questions about streaming your content live on the Internet.

Professional Streaming Consultant

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  1. Bob Kincaid says:

    Greetings. I’m a radio guy expanding into video. Thanks for the info in this tutorial.

    One question, please: is it possible to use a hard drive based camera in streaming video to the internet? That is the one piece of information I’ve been unable to discover.

    Many thanks!

  2. Catalin says:

    Hello Bob and thank you for the question. Yes it is possible to use a hard drive based camera for live streaming. Please let me know if you need help setting up your live stream and I will sure assist you.

    Best regards

  3. Michael Barnett says:

    I too appreciate this article. It is definitely linked and referenced in quite a few places I’ve stumbled upon in my research. Since that was the case for me, I thought I would add my two cents.

    I have read a few different places that a large portion of newer camcorders do not employ the same “stream over firewire to the computer” that was common with miniDV camcorders with Firewire/i.Link.

    Instead, newer camcorders will often stream some sort (compressed/uncompressed/RAW/etc.) of video signal over HDMI. While the Blackmagic Intensity card supports this, it requires a desktop. I thought I would throw out there the Matrox MXO2 Mini ($450) since it is a breakout box that can connect to a laptop with the included expresscard slot or a desktop using a PCI-Express card.

    Maybe Catalin can confirm whether or not anyone has tested the Matrox product line with this service.


  4. Catalin says:

    Hello Michael:

    Seems like Matrox MXO2 Mini works with their software only. We have tested the Niagara 2100 box with our HD broadcaster using the Blackmagic. Have a look here:

    See me offline if you have any other questions.

    Professional Streaming Consultant

  5. wolf says:

    i was thinking of buying a VIXIA HV40 mini DV to use in a chat hosting site but reading all this here sound like a lot of things i would need i thought all i would have to do is use the IEEE-1394 port from pc to camcorder. because the B&H site told me any mini DV can be use as a web cam if it has IEEE-1394 port. but now i am not sure if its that easy

  6. Jinbhai says:

    I want to know if there is a way to use Canon 7d for live webcast? Also Canon Vixia series camcorders does not have component video output source, then how is your setup going to work with them? do some of the Vixia camcorders have HDMI live feed output ?

  7. Catalin says:

    Hello Jinbhai , we have been using Canon Vixia HF 10, it has both component and HDMI outputs.
    The setup is described in this post. Regarding your Canon 7D question you may have a look at:

    Please let me know what other questions you may have.

    Best regards
    Professional Streaming Consultant

  8. Catalin says:

    Hello Wolf:

    Firewire connection between camcorder and PC is a good option. However not all cameras, nor all computers do have a firewire port. More, IEEE-1394 tends to become obsolete. Think that most (older) HDV cameras have it while (newer) AVCHD do not. Same goes for computer systems other than macs. Please also remember that using a firewire-to-usb adaptor for computer may not be a good choice as firewire is somewhat faster than usb2 and the latter may not be fast enough to ingest all incoming data from firewire.

    Please see me offline if you have additional questions.

    Professional Streaming Consultant

  9. Chris says:

    Hi there Catalin,

    I’m going to be on assignment for a trade event in a few months (I’m an aspiring journalist) and I had a couple questions for you if you have the time.

    First off, I’m going to want to stream several events live via a video streaming service (probably Ustream) and I want to utilize my soon-to-be arriving Canon HF10. However, I’ve been reading up on a few websites that this cannot be done for live streams; only recorded ones. Is this true? If not, can you describe to me the settings I need to use in order to utilize this functionality?

    Since there will be multiple sites for which I will need to broadcast from I’m going to be investing in a decently-speced out laptop with an Intel Core i5 or, preferably, i7 processor and a decent dedicated video card. I would like to use Blackmagic’s new component video recorder but I have yet to hear back from them on whether it allows for live streaming like the Intensity Pro does. If this is not the case, can you recommend a consumer-price friendly solution for a laptop?

    Thank you for your time.

  10. Chris Davis says:

    Hi there Catalin,

    Just a quick question for you. I’m looking to be doing some live streaming via my laptop with my Canon HF10. However, I have yet to find a capture card that would work toward HD streaming. Do you have any suggestions?

  11. wolf says:

    so there this chat hosting person and her room is like TV quality.
    her cam dos not go slow at all.
    she is moving real time video feed it like your watching TV no pausing at all.
    I do not know if she is use a mini-DV camcorder or web cam at first i thought she was because she using remote for the zooming in and out.
    but then another chat room also have the same TV. quality and so i ask her what is she using web cam or camcorder.
    she told me web cam so my question to you CATALIN how do u do that i would like my chat room to be like that TV. quality and if possible CATALIN i would like to use a web cam the web cam i have is a new logitech pro 9000 also i have a new computer here is


    Operating Systems: Windows 7 Home Premium 64-Bit

    Platform: PC

    Orientations Allowed: Vertical

    Form Factor: ATX Mid-Tower

    Bays: 2 – 3.5″ Drive Bays
    5 – 5.25″ Drive Bays

    Available 3.5″ Drive Bays: 3

    Colors: Black

    PCI Slots (Total): 2

    PCI Express X1 Slots (Total): 4

    PCI Express X16 Slots (Total): 1

    Expansion Slots: 7

    PS/2 Keyboard Connectors: 1

    PS/2 Mouse Connectors: 1

    USB Ports: 8

    FireWire Ports: 2

    LAN Ports: 1

    Audio Out Jacks: 6

    DVI Video: 2

    DisplayPorts: 1

    HDMI Ports: 1

    Coaxial Connectors: 1

    S/PDIF Connectors: 1

    Processor Brand: AMD

    Processor Class: Phenom II X4

    Processor Number: 965

    Processor Speed: 3.40GHz

    Processor Interface: AM3

    Processors Supported: 1

    Memory Type: Dual Channel DDR3

    Memory Size: 4 X 2GB

    Total Memory: 8.0GB

    Memory Speed: DDR3-1333

    Memory Slots (Total): 4

    Memory Slots (Available): 0

    Maximum Memory Supported: 16.0GB

    Hard Drives Included: 1

    Hard Drive Types: Hard Disk Drive

    Interface: 3.5″ SATA II

    Capacity: 1TB

    Speed: 7,200RPM

    Optical Drives Included: 1

    Optical Drive Type: DVDRW Dual Layer

    Optical Drive Class: DVD±RW DL

    Interface: SATA

    Audio Description: Integrated Audio

    Audio Chipset: Realtek HD

    Channels: 8

    Graphics Description: Dedicated Graphics

    GPU/VPU: ATI Radeon HD 5850

    Video Memory: 1GB

    Video Interface: 2 DVI

    LAN Description: Integrated

    LAN Interface Type: RJ-45

    Power: 700 Watt

    Mouse Type: Optical

    Buttons: 5

    Scrolling Capability: Vertical

    Connection Type: USB

    Keyboard Type: Multimedia

    Connection Type: USB

    and here is the web cam Technical Specifications:
    o Carl Zeiss® optics with autofocus
    o Native 2-MP HD sensor
    o High-definition video (up to 1600 X 1200*)
    o 720p widescreen mode with recommended system
    o Up to 8-megapixel photos (enhanced from native 2 MP sensor)
    o Microphone with Logitech® RightSound™ technology
    o Up to 30-frames-per-second video
    o Hi-Speed USB 2.0 certified
    o Logitech® webcam software (including Logitech® Video Effects™: fun filters, avatars, video masks, and face accessories)
    o Logitech Vid™
    o Universal clip fits notebooks, LCD or CRT monitors

    and here is the System Requirements for the Windosa (R) 7:
    Windows Vista® or Windows® 7 (32-bit or 64-bit)

    * 1 GHz (2.0 GHz recommended)
    * 512 MB RAM or more
    * 200 MB hard-drive space
    * CD-ROM drive
    * OS-compatible sound card and speakers
    * Hi-Speed Certified USB 2.0 recommended

    thank you for ur help wolf

  12. Catalin says:

    Hello Wolf:

    Thank you for the questions. You can use your webcam with the TikiLIVE broadcaster to stream live HD video quality. Just go on, create an account and download the broadcaster. I can assist you with the settings, just let me know what questions you may have.
    You will use the Logitech pro 9000 webcam as a video source. See a tutorial talking about how to connect a video and audio source to your broadcasting PC:


    Software requirements:
    – Microsoft® Windows® XP (Service Pack 2 or 3) or
    – Windows Vista® (any) or
    – Windows Server® 2003 32-bit
    – Microsoft DirectX End-User
    Runtime version 9.0c or higher

    Hardware Requirements to achieve desired stream quality:
    – 480p Dual Core (Core 2 Duo 3GHz, 2GB RAM)
    – 720p Quad Core (Xeon 2GHz, 4GB RAM)
    – 1080p 8 Core (Xeon 3GHz, 4GB RAM)

    HD Streaming with off the shelf equipment:
    – Quad Core PC
    – HD video capture board
    – HD Camera

    Looking forward to your feedback.

    Professional Streaming Consultant

  13. Catalin says:

    @ Chris Davis

    Hello Chris:

    Regarding your capture card question you may have a look here to see a full list of boards we tested with TikiLIVE broadcaster:

    Here is a particular case, streaming with Intensity Pro:

    Professional Streaming Consultant

  14. wolf says:

    catalin how do i use that tilive on the web site i work at i work at.
    I work at
    Thy use abobe player.
    What i was trying to do is to make my chat room moving in real time video feed and super clear cam quality.
    When guest go to my room i want then to have a TV quality expereance so that thy can say being in my chat room is like watching TV.
    So how would i use the tiltve in that site i work at?
    This is what i do u just login then open the chat window then click boadcast then i am live in the site then guys or girls go in the room to chat to me.
    Then i have to get then to go to my privet at room by clicking the privet chat button then thy pay 0.99 per minut the longer thy stay in there the more earrings i get.
    The site gets there %.
    But my room is always bad quality and i would like to have it to be a TV quality live feed.
    i just trying to work that this site and more site that i have a account in just trying to have a Tv quality chat room thank if u understand wolf

  15. Alex Kappel says:

    Hello, I have a few questions:

    First of all I have the simple HF10 version, not the Vixia, is that an issue?

    I found a swedish retailer, is this the right product?

    Is this the right cable I need? (type c):

    Will Intensity Pro work to broadcast on Ustream i.e?

  16. wolf says:

    OK i have more information well TikiLIVE is for if i want my own show on that site but i want to work at the chat hosting site. i’m not trying to stream videos i’m trying to go live i just want my room to be like TV quality like a live news on TV so when any one go in my room to see me live. thy will see me in TV quality. some told me it has to do with the internet bandwidth and some say it’s the cams resolution i use. and some one told me the better the video card i use the better the the cam will work as in faster and and more clear but the other told me its not the video card dos not need to be high end all i want is my live chat room to be like TV. quality. so then any one gos in my room thy will see me live and thy will see me super clean and clear and moving in real time like a live new show on TV. im going live every day i don’t use videos i’m online live but my chat room is not good quality so how do i get it to be like TV. quality hope u understand i’m very frustrated to many answers all different from each other making me frustrated and going crazy hope u can help i tried to ask the girl that did have there room like that but 1 did not know she say her boss made it like that the other on i dont think she want to tell me so hope u can help please thank if u can

  17. trhonda2000 says:

    Catalin I have a JVC GZ-HD320B camcorder. It is a Hard Drive HD camcorder. It does not have a firewire port, however it has HDMI. My broadcasting computer would be a laptop that also has an HDMI and Firewire port. I want to stream live video for my business, how would I go about setting this up?

  18. Catalin says:


    Hello and thank you for the question. Basically you can connect your camcorder via HDMI to the laptop. Here is the full setup process:

    You will need an account on to use the broadcaster and a way for your computer to capture the video device (a video capture card).

    As you see in this post you will also need an HDMI cable. I read that your camcorder supports HDMI Version 1.3 .See for more information. You may see me offline if you need additional help in setting all up.

    Professional Streaming Consultant

  19. Catalin says:

    @Alex Kapel:

    Hello Alex:

    Yes both links are pointing to the right products. I am not sure if Intensity Pro works on Ustream but it sure does on TikiLIVE. You may have a look at and download the broadcaster to run some tests.


  20. wolf says:

    what web cams can go to 30fps i need one that can with out buying a mini-DV camcorder or any camcorder web cams cost less some help me and i need that u have tried it maybe catalin can u see if the pro 9000 can get up to 30fps please help me i need help please thank very much if u can

  21. Catalin says:

    Hello Wolf:

    I just checked the pro 9000 model and the specs say it can push up to 30-frames-per-second video. You can use it with the TikiLIVE broadcaster also. Please let me know if you made the setup and managed to stream with it.


  22. Steve says:

    Hi Catalin,

    I wonder if you could give me some advice. Our clinic is wishing to broadcast some simple programs via a stream software. We had been looking into UStream and using either 2 Canon HV40 or 2 Canon HF20…we want to have 2 cam set-up and switch between them live. It seems like the HDMI option is more costly as you need HDMI hardware – although one of our new laptops has HDMI input – will this be possible to use with a hub for 2 cams?
    Is it possible to use 2 HV40 firewire cams on 1 FW hub?
    I would like to contact you directly and perhaps find out more about tikilive…

  23. Catalin says:

    Hello Steve:

    My suggestion is to use a video mixer instead of the firewire hub. You can find me at to discuss more about your project and about TikiLIVE.

    Best regards

  24. Randy says:

    Hello Catalin,

    I really appreciate your willingness to share your knowledge!

    I intend to webcast live streaming video via a camcorder and a laptop, from various seminar locations. Would you please suggest what moderately priced camera ($500 or so) might work best and what other equipment I would need. And, how to connect the equipment. I currently have a laptop with Widows XP, but it does not have an HDMI port.

    Many thanks,


  25. A Azula says:


    Great info here.

    Here’s my challenge. Just got a job with an outfit that want to livestream a conference using a MacBook. Can we use a HD camera instead of the built-in webcam? I have a budget of about $1100 to buy a camcorder if that is possible.