5 years of YouTube broadcasting

February 17th, 2010 - Posted by Catalin in Video broadcasting news

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YouTube recently celebrated 5 years since the creators Chad Hurley, Jawed Karim and Steve Chen (working at that time for PayPal) launched their video streaming platform. It is hard to believe that the domain was registered as recently as 2005. The idea of YouTube stems from the creator’s desire to share videos from a party with their friends but had trouble attaching these videos to an email due to file size (attachment capacity is limited to a few Megabytes). This, in turn, led them to pursue their ‘basic’ video sharing website focused on uploaded media files.


YouTube founders Chad Hurley (left) and Steve Chen

In 2005 similar websites were also available (some examples are Veoh, Vimeo) but YouTube became the most popular because they stuck to their fundamental strategy. Combining an easy uploading interface, Flash support for all videos and the possibility to embed videos were the reasons why YouTube was acquired by Google in 2006 for about $1.65 billion.

We have attached some of YouTube’s video moments which were first recorded 5 years ago. Notice how far video quality has come in such a sort time period.

Video 1: This is the first YouTube office based in one of Sequia Capital’s offices.

Video 2: First video uploaded on YouTube (uploaded by Jawed Karim one of the founders)

These articles discuss YouTube’s new features and what Google is planning in the future for the most popular video broadcasting platform:

HD broadcaster

Online video platforms

There is no question that YouTube is accounts for a significant portion of online media distribution. Check out this report at ebizmba.com.

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