HBO to launch online video portal

February 18th, 2010 - Posted by Admin in Video broadcasting news

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After the successful launch of Hulu, content producers have been scrambling to get their content online. Cable providers have taken notice of this move and are focusing on integrating IPTV with their provided services to keep their subscribers. The latest content producer to join this effort in searching for an online video platform is HBO.

HBO is close to launching it’s dedicated video platform called HBO GO which is currently in beta testing. As we have previously discussed on this blog it will be interesting how the online community will react as some of the major players already have a firm grip on the online media distribution market; YouTube, Netflix or Hulu to name just a few.

Time Warner (company owning HBO) announced the plans for HBO GO earlier this month telling that it’s going to be modeled after Hulu, where viewers will be able to watch HBO movies and series. How will an end user do that? Well the end user must be an HBO subscriber to use the service which could play a key role in the success of the platform.

Some believe that HBO GO is Time Warner’s reaction to Paramount ,Lionsgate and MGM crating EpixHD. In the US, HBO cable network has 35 million subscribers so they bring a pretty powerful market and audience. For now HBO GO will be available in the US only and is a part of the TV Everywhere project (initiated by cable operators to offer their subscribers access to online content).

You can read HERE for another article talking about online video platforms and what are the capabilities. You may also see me offline for additional information.

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