O2 and Huawei to demo 4G video

February 23rd, 2010 - Posted by Catalin in Video broadcasting news

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O2 (one of the most important mobile broadband providers in the UK) is working together with Huawei to release the 4G technology and posted a video showing a demo of what this technology can do.

They first conducted tests in December 2009 and this new demo presents a live HD stream at 8Mbps which looks pretty impressive as the online games presented run really smooth. Such speeds can be compared with fixed line broadband internet connections. Still this technology has even more potential and it is rumored that speeds up to 1GB will be achieved.

Have a look at the demo below:

4G is also known as LTE (Long Term Evolution) and comes as a need to improve access to content when you are away from your computer. Services available through 4G networks will include downloading HD videos on mobile devices then sending them to your friends via email for example, downloading HD movies and watch it on your mobile browser, playing games online across the network.

Rob Joyce representing O2 Radio Evolution and David Fowler from Huawei are talking about what we can expect from this new solution: „You can play this anywhere where you have cellular coverage today on a 4G network” – Joyce stated.

Derek McManus representing O2 also said: ”We are pleased to collaborate with Huawei on this LTE trial, which will allow us to better understand this emerging technology and prepare us in offering our customers next generation mobile broadband services in the future.”

LTE has already been implemented in a few countries such as Sweden or Norway but in the UK none of the mobile networks announced a possible date for launching 4G.

You can read HERE more about mobile video technologies.

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