Super Bowl video ads and social media integration

February 15th, 2010 - Posted by Mihaela in Video broadcasting news

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Even though the Super Bowl was not streamed live on the Internet, CBS Sports offered a few online videos consisting in live interviews, news and different pre-game analysis . Last year 12% of the Super Bowl viewers have been browsing the net and the average time browsing was 24 minutes (according to Nielsen).

Here is a short view of how this popular event evolved since 1967:

2010 seems to be the year of social media as the Official CBS Sports website included polls, live chat functions and the ability to get in touch with other viewers on Facebook, MySpace, Twitter or other video sharing websites.

Video streaming was a very important communication channel as advertisers loaded their Super Bowl ads on social media channels. As Facebook was the most popular social media website in 2009 this year Facebook Fan Pages were created offering fans the possibility to share videos and pictures Super Bowl related. Their websites got 3 times more traffic than the usual after the game.

Flo TV advertised their mobile TV viewing device and Vizio used celebrities and viral stars alike (including Beyonce, Tay Zonday and “the Numa Numa guy” ) to present their web-connected TV. Streaming technology was targeted as being the most important “channel” to view the event.

Online video received a major marketing boost when YouTube announced that all the Super Bowl commercials will be placed in a special gallery for later review. Users will be able to post comments and share their favorites with their family and friends. Statistics revealed that last year only half of the viewers were focused on the game the other half directed their interest at the video ads or social interaction.

Even Google had an ad this year, which some claim was in response to Bing’s recent marketing push.

Online video viewing is now more popular than ever. In December 2009 178 million people watched 33.2 billion videos (187 videos per month as an per user average in the U.S.). Have a look at the stats:

You may have a look HERE for more about online video advertising.

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