Transpera provides support for the iPad

February 16th, 2010 - Posted by Tim in Video broadcasting news

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The expected release of the iPad was one of the most discussed subject in the High-tech community. After the controversial announcement that iPad will now support Flash the community has reacted extremely positively. Superior quality video & advertising will be available on the device once Transpera (the biggest mobile video delivery and ad network in North America) confirmed that video ads and content for the iPad are ready to go.

iPad users can experience interactive videos such as pre-roll, post-roll content and click-able video ads. For example click-able video ads allows the end user to basically interact with the ad which redirects him to a specific webpage where he may perform different actions (this process is well known as call to action)

All video ads applications Transpera developed for the iPhone will be available on the iPad as well. They are already advertising through these apps publishers like MTV, MSNBC, CBS. Consequently, all the new apps being developed for the iPad can be easily integrated with the advertising platform created by Transpera.

HD video seems to be another option they offer by adding new video encoding profiles.

“We’ve been doing R&D in preparation for portable devices to support HD video,” Frank Barbieri (CEO at Transpera) stated. “We are ready now, not to just support the iPad, but to create the highest quality ads specifically for the device. These new video ads are compelling for advertisers, as they allow deeper audience engagement, and will allow publishers to fetch an even higher CPM.”

Another article in depth talking about the mobile video advertising can be found HERE.

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