Universities threatened for streaming copyrighted content

February 12th, 2010 - Posted by Catalin in Video broadcasting news

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University of California at Los Angeles has been the subject of the latest copyright war.

The university announced all of the students that posting copyrighted videos on their course websites is forbidden as the AIME (Association for Information and Media Equipment) threatened with lawsuit if they won’t change this practice and obtain licenses.

UCLA is the only one being accused by AIME but their president announced that plans to approach other universities are on the go. Allen Dohra said: “We have leads in terms of other universities, and we do plan to investigate further”. This association represents about 16 publishers so it has an important word when talking about copyrighting.

UCLAhas been warned as early last fall and actually charged for violating copyright laws by posting videos without having the rights to do so.

They were using a solution called Video Furnace for online teaching. Basically all the teachers were able to post videos on their course websites and students (using a password) access them. Some of the materials were the property of publishers represented by AIME that is why the problems appeared.

This situation caused a lot of discussions regarding the copyright issue in higher education field and teachers are even planning to boycott the educational media publishers.

Newsreel management suggested other methods for publicizing the video content: for example the VOD model where a student can rent an online class for a small amount like $2 or $3. You can read more about VOD renting model HERE.

Publishers argue that all the universities and not only can offer video streaming as long as they own the proper license for the content shared on the website.

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