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January 13th, 2010 - Posted by Catalin in Video broadcasting news

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Mobility is a very important component when talking about the streaming media industry that’s why the smartphones and mobile devices become a must have for the end users who needed alternative ways of accessing video content. For example a lot of iPhone, iPod apps have been developed and another challange was creating content being supported on multiple platforms. Speaking about the streaming industry here is a revolutionary application allowing individuals to stream to the iPhone.

Today I will show you a possible way of encoding a video file, iPod compatible.

You can encode using Monster Encoder Desktop Application which allows you to use custom bit rates to produce high quality videos. Your viewers won’t need additional codecs for viewing the encoded video.

Here are the steps for you to follow in order to encode a file into an iPod compatible format:

Step 1

First download and install the application then login. Browse your computer for the video file you want to encode and add it to the encoding list. Add a movie title, a short description then click on Add movie to list.

Step 2

Now you need to select the video quality and 3 options are available: low, medium and ultra high flash quality. Also you can select the video format you need to encode to. Here is a list of supported formats:

– Flash
– Apple iPod / iPhone
– Microsoft Xbox
– DivX
– XviD
– Audio – MP3
– Playstation

Just select the MP4-iPhone,iPod box and the file will be encoded in this format.

Step 3

Now select from the advanced options parameters like audio andd video bitrate, brightness, contrast, saturation and framerate. You can also crop/resize the video file.

Step 4

Here is the explanation of ACTIVE and PASSIVE FTP when speaking about the upload type. Users connect to the FTP server’s command port, port 21. When a transfer starts a random port is opened. When a client does the server socket on that random port that is ACTIVE FTP and when the FTP server does the socket where the end user will connect to, we are talking about PASSIVE FTP. As a recommendation keep this setting on PASSIVE FTP. Typs about different settings will be displayed in the hints and typs window when the encoding process starts.

To copy the file to your iPod you need to have iTunes 6 installed (or better). First select the video file and drag it into the iTune library. You need to select a specific folder or create a playlist to copy the file there.

Connect the iPod to the PC and synchronize it with the iTunes application. You may have a look at this tutorial if you need advanced instructions.

The last step is to play the movie on the iPod. Just go on the main menu and access the Videos folder then select Movies. All of the video files will be displayed and you can access your just encoded file. The following tutorial explains you in details the entire process. Have a look HERE.

At the end you can enjoy this file encoded with the Monster. Here is a sample:

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