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February 5th, 2010 - Posted by Admin in Video broadcasting news

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Wikipedia will soon offer the ability to integrate video services within it’s website. As Wikipedia is the most visited online encyclopedia (and the 7th largest website in the world) they are about to increase user controlled and moderated video on a level that has not yet been seen before. The information is currently displayed as text and photos and lacks what can be gained by seeing a video on the subject matter. That’s why the decision to implement it (with improved features) so users will be able to add videos on the site and also to edit and annotate them.

There will be a new button on the website labeled : AddMedia which allows any editor to search for video content then insert it into different articles. This will be possible using a simple drag and drop interface and the video content (copyright free) will be available from 3 different sources: Metavid, Internet Archive (with over 200,000 videos) and Wikimedia Commons. In the future they plan to extend the search on the entire Web community.

The organization running Wikipedia hopes that more and more video production companies will offer copyright free materials for the entire public since Wikipedia will provide a great exposure and traffic by being so popular.

Another thing to be noticed here is that all the videos must be based on open source formats and Wikimedia Foundation has been discussing the technical part with the open-source video provider Kaltura. Here is a short interview where you can understand better what is the implementation flow:

They will present the new system at the Open Video Conference in New York later on this week. The main idea was to create a tool for the end users to skip steps such as downloading, converting or editing video content. Even though video was already supported on Wikipedia there were a lot of difficult things to be done for uploading videos. No documentation for the streaming rates or resolutions supported was available and the file size was limited to 20 MB then increased to 100MB.

I am looking forward to see the feature implemented and ready to go, run some tests and share the results with you. More information about how to implement video streaming solutions on your website can be found HERE.

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  1. Eric says:

    Hey that is great. It is an interesting concept, but in this article it states , “Knowing the fact that Wikipedia is one of the best online encyclopedias (and the 7th largest website in the world) offering a lot of valuable information. Yes Wikipedia is a good tool for information, but the content in Wikipedia may or may not be written by experts. Wikipedia can be used as a tool to gather information to read more about a topic from the primary source that should be listed in the references of Wikipedia. I think the video may show just who the experts are.

  2. Catalin says:

    Hello Eric:

    Indeed you are right but I was saying “the best online encyclopedia” because a lot of people who need to find out more information about a particular subject are searching first on Wikipedia. It may not be 100% accurate but points them to different websites where they can find additional explanations. And yes editing and inserting a video there is not really a newbie thing so that may do the difference.