YouTube still testing pay per view model

May 5th, 2010 - Posted by Mihaela in Video broadcasting news

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YouTube is still thinking about the rental service which has been in beta testing for some while. It is currently working with a small selection of videos but according to Hunter Walk the website will offer the option to charge rental fees for uploaded content. This is interesting as YouTube goes to the pay per view model rather than relying on advertising. This way users will be able to monetize their content directly by setting a price for the submitted content. Still it’s not sure if the end user will be able to set a specific price or what kind of control over pricing will be given.

We don’t know as many details as we wanted to know about this, neither if the service will be available for all users or just for a restricted public as it happened with the Partner Program. Also can this be a threat for Netflix’s Watch Instantly solution? One major advantage on Netflix is that you only pay a monthly subscription and get a lot of content while here is a pay per event model. You can see a short movie with more details about the YouTube’s renting project here:

Read here another interesting article about online video rentals and the initial YouTube project and let us know what you think: ONLINE RENTALS.

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